Dear Lafayette Limo Customers,


May 04, 2015

Lafayette Limo will be taking its first trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky on August 2nd! Though this trip was initially scheduled for January, we needed to postpone. None-the-less, we are more than excited to promote our exciting trip! 

Ride from O’Hare to Purdue

Lafayette Limo runs a Share-a-Ride service between Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and various locations on Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus. We’re all about helping boilermakers and visitors to Purdue get to where they need to go, running at very early hours to help those with morning flights make it on time. See our schedule below for more details.

Reserve Today!

Unlike our service from Indianapolis International Airport, the bus from O’Hare to Purdue does not run regularly; and is a pre-paid service. If there are no reservations, we do not make the trip, so make sure you book online 24 hours in advance!

Private Shuttle Service

Lafayette Limo is pleased to offer private service between Purdue’s campus and O’Hare airport in Chicago. If there is a specific time you must be at O’Hare that does not match up with our scheduled routes, just let us know! You can rent a bus or van for your group, or a car if it’s just you. Just contact us to schedule a ride!


Purdue to O’Hare Bus Schedule

Please note that if there are no reservations, the buses will not run at these times. You must make a reservation in advance to ride! The cost is $60 for a one-way ticket and $110 for a round-trip ticket, round trip requires promotion code RTRIPCHICAGO. All O'Hares must be made online.

 Leave Purdue Memorial Union Follett’s Purdue West 
Arrive at O'Hare Airport Leave Chicago     Arrive Lafayette 
4:30 AM 4:40 AM 6:40 AM CST 8:00 AM CST  12:00 PM
10:30 AM 10:40 AM 12:40 PM CST 2:00 PM CST  6:00 PM
3:30 PM 3:40 PM 5:40 PM CST 7:00 PM CST  11 PM