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March 12, 2019

Summertime is the best time to go out and blow off some steam with family and friends on the weekend. It’s a time to relax and have some fun! You might just be barhopping with friends or maybe you’re traveling around town for a friend’s birthday, but one question always comes into mind and can kill the exciting spirit you had going for the evening and that question is...who's driving?

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Chicago O'Hare Share-a-Ride Service Launches!


Lafayette Limo is happy to announce the launch of our Chicago O’Hare Share-a-Ride service beginning August 1! Catching your flight on time has never been easier…or more relaxing.

The Share-a-Ride Service

Our bus runs from various locations on Purdue University’s campus to Chicago O’Hare Airport. Our first departure from campus leaves very early in the morning to accommodate early flight times.

If the Share-a-Ride basic schedule (link to service page) doesn’t fit with your flight departure or arrival time, we can set up a private ride to match. If you are travelling alone, you can rent one of our town cars, but if you are travelling with a group, you can try one of our small buses or vans.

Unlike our Indianapolis International Airport shuttle service, the Share-a-Ride service does not run every day at every scheduled time. This service is based on demand – if no one makes a reservation for the bus, it will not run that day. Be sure to call ahead or make a reservation to catch a ride to O’Hare!

Convenience for All

The Share-a-Ride service is perfect for new and old Boilermakers alike! Purdue University students can take some of the stress off of moving to campus or making a trip back home. Don’t forget to schedule a ride on all major breaks and vacations!

The Share-a-Ride service isn’t just for the students, though. Anyone in need of travel to or from Chicago O’Hare can catch a ride with us. Whether you are someone coming to Lafayette on business or if you are a family heading to O’Hare to leave for your vacation, Lafayette Limo will help you get there on time and hassle-free. No more worrying about drive time, driving costs, parking, or getting lost. We’ve got you covered!

Easy Travel to O’Hare Starts Now

Check out our Chicago O’Hare service page for more details including schedules and rates. Give us a call or make a reservation with us today! We look forward to driving you!


When looking to book a limo for your Spring or Summer time weddings, make sure you book early to assure we have a limo available for your special day!