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November 27, 2017

Summertime is the best time to go out and blow off some steam with family and friends on the weekend. It’s a time to relax and have some fun! You might just be barhopping with friends or maybe you’re traveling around town for a friend’s birthday, but one question always comes into mind and can kill the exciting spirit you had going for the evening and that question is...who's driving?

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Tulips, Tulips, and More Tulips


A Trip to Holland That’s Close to Home

On May 11, we will be taking a tour to Holland, Michigan to enjoy the enchanting tulip festival they hold every year. This unique festival offers traditional foods, vintage memorabilia, and the key feature- tulips, Tulips, TULIPS!

This exciting day trip will take us north to catch a glimpse of what the Netherlands have to offer. Learn all about Dutch traditions in a carefree setting and join us in exploring what you have interest in!

Tulip Gardens

By far the most exciting and popular feature of the festival, the tulip gardens are a remarkable sight to behold. According to, there are over 6 million tulips. SIX MILLION! The gardens and lanes extend over 6 miles! Just imagine how much time and effort was put into preparing and growing a collection so vast. Beauty is not strong enough a word.

The Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world and the Holland festival pays homage to that by being one of the largest flower festivals in the world.

Dancing in the Streets

The Tulip Festival is celebrating its 84th anniversary and one tradition continues year after year: Dutch dancing every day! Almost 1000 local residents (mostly high school aged and younger) perform traditional dances lasting 5-15 minutes each day during Tulip Time. Everyone here at Lafayette Limo can’t wait to learn a new dance move or two.

Another can’t miss feature of the festival is the market, or the Dutch Marketplaat. You can buy vintage Dutch memorabilia, authentic foods, participate in themed crafts, look at costumes, explore, dance and much more!

Mother’s Day Treat

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than a quick getaway trip to show Mom a good time! She will love the beautiful garden displays and you could pick out the perfect gift for her in the Dutch Marketplaat. Surprise mom and reserve your spot now.

We will be leaving the Lafayette Limo office at 6:15am with pick-ups at Marsh West 6:30, Meijer at 6:50am and a possible stop in Remington if needed. The cost is $65.00 per person and moms are $60.00!