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March 12, 2019

Summertime is the best time to go out and blow off some steam with family and friends on the weekend. It’s a time to relax and have some fun! You might just be barhopping with friends or maybe you’re traveling around town for a friend’s birthday, but one question always comes into mind and can kill the exciting spirit you had going for the evening and that question is...who's driving?

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See Indiana in its Gorgeous Fall Colors!

See Indiana in its Gorgeous Fall Colors!

Watch the Leaves Turn Turn Turn

Have you noticed? This year’s fall colors are more spectacular than they have been in recent years! The super hot, dry weather we had this summer here in Indiana resulted in some early turning once the weather cooled off. Luckily, this fall seems to have brought just the weather we needed for some great coloration – any colder and the leaves would have fallen off by now, and any hotter and they’d just turn brown!

If you’re planning on taking a ride to see the full extent of these colors, though, we suggest you act fast. The first frost or the next big storm could knock all that color right off the trees. Since the leaves turned so early, they’re dry and ripe for the falling!

Where to See the Best Colors

A fall leaves tour is the perfect day trip since there are so many great foliage sites in the Midwest. You can head south the Parke County to see picturesque covered bridges nestled amongst the leaves. Or, head west to Clinton Lake in Illinois; this park has an excellent foliage site removed from city distractions. In fact, why not take an RV and make a picnic of it?

The Hoosier National Forest in south central Indiana is another great destination. The USDA is also kind enough to provide suggested driving routes for leaf viewers to get the maximum impact of Indiana’s leaves! We’re happy to follow those routes with you so that no one misses a single photo opportunity.

If you’re interested in booking a fall leaf tour, give us a call or contact us today!


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